Early on in 2020, I had the opportunity to sit down with seoClarity to talk about driving SEO results in challenging times.

The following are priorities to include in your SEO playbook to advance your SEO growth in this “new normal”:

1. Title Tags

Crawl your site to make sure you have unique title tags for every page on your site.

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2.Internal Links

Ask yourself: Can both humans and search engines navigate to your site easily? Your pages can only rank if they are findable to your target audience and Googlebot.

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3. Self-canonical Tag

Conduct a site crawl to determine that you have not created any duplicate pages that plagues your site.

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4. XML Sitemaps

Submit these to respective search engines that cover all your site’s pages.

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5. Reciprocal HREFLang tag

This is particularly important for international brands so that search engines know where to send users on your site.

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 Watch me explain the playbook in a 4-minute video: